Collectively, our designers and developers have many, many years experience working on some of the world’s largest corporate websites and many of the world’s smallest.

We provide clear consultation and design, build and implement websites which accurately meet business requirements, integrate with existing systems and have the flexibility to accommodate future business demands.

Commissioning a website can be a little confusing so we listen to what you want to achieve and strive to explain all technical elements, options available and the best uses of IT for your situation.
When it comes to the web, we make it click.

Some examples of project scope are detailed below:

Basic Websites:
Basic Website design & build.
Domain registration, hosting and email.
A basic startup website will generally include email links or a form for your customers to contact you.
A basic website will usually contain information such as: opening hours, contact details, phone numbers, address,
map etc...

Websites with client update:
Sites can be developed to allow certain areas e.g. 'News' sections and image galleries, to be updated by users with no web development knowledge. This is sometimes chosen as a first step when it is unsure whether the investment in a full database can be justified.

Websites with database development:
The content is searchable under one or many specified criteria. Content on a website can be updated through a customised interface. The website can store and categorize images, music, product details etc. This approach creates very flexible websites.

E-commerce website development:
An online shop can be built to allow the selling of goods via the internet. This can use an online payment system or a merchant account for processing credit card payments.
Websites of this type can also link business to business - suppliers, orders, billing etc. This can be linked to a database if more than a few items are for sale.

These can be static, fully animated or contain animated elements. These can be games, promotions, 'how to' guides or any self-contained content. Branded for the company or a sponsor, microsites can be run from a company's website or launched on or from a banner advert on another website. It is also possible for these elements to be emailed and/or run as a 'stand alone' animated presentation.

A website running on a company's internal network can be a very powerful tool for sharing company communications, information, resources and knowledge, speeding company reaction time and gaining competitive advantage. Workgroups, Instant message tools and wedcams can also be added.

Current technology delivers interactive animation and audio via a web browser and gives the ability to create eyecatching, immersive and involving websites and advertising. A website can be entirely animated or contain animation elements. This technology can also be used to build online games, link to databases and perform ecommerce functions.

Strategic planning:
Making sure a website achieves its objectives and planning its future growth is essential for a successful web presence. The gathering of usage statistics and feedback ensure a website is properly tailored to its market and also focuses the intergration of cross media promotion and marketing activities.

Online marketing:
Requires the incorporation of essential elements such as;
banner adverts (static, animated or interactive), online advertising strategies, floating interactive adverts, creation of screensaver / wallpaper / themes / icon downloads, graphical promotional emails and newsletters.

Embraces logo design (across - print, signage, web, screen), branded company stationery, development of Brand guidelines and marketing material - e.g. T-shirts, design of promotional scratch cards etc.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]:
Making sure your website is seen!
As our client you will have the services of our SEO associates who will strive to achieve the highest possible media profile and representation for your business on the World Wide Web, so that when customers search in your business area, they will find you.
Note: Where sites are hosted through us a limited advertising account is included free of charge.

*Free banner advert offer details
Offer is valid on all websites ordered between January 1st 2004 and midnight on May 31st 2004 and covers the design and production of one static promotional web-based banner advert.

Projects are competitively costed on an individual basis.
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