Our Mission Creative Studios, design and implement an exciting mix of creativity and IT innovation to help businesses reach their customers across the globe. We continually strive for excellence, professionalism and value for money.

Our Approach

Working closely with you enables us to focus our research and development to deliver a solution that you and your customers will use and benefit from.

Project teams are assembled from a large network of trusted designers and developers with vast industry experience.

Our Methods

Following our initial proposal, we ensure universal understanding and clarity of the project progress by working strictly to our 10 step process:

1 Project definition workshop
[Resulting in a detailed project outline]
2 Detailed project outline
[timescales and costs document produced]
3 Development contract
4 Design Phase
5 Design signoff
6 Development [Technical Build] Phase
7 Test
8 Development signoff
9 Delivery of full solution and backup provided. Implementation if required
10 Project signoff

We also identify ‘single points of contact’ on both sides through which communications will travel to avoid possible conflicts of information.

By working this way, we are able to deliver projects which cover a wide range of design styles, are to the highest technical standards and ensure our service is dependable, professional and cost effective.

We believe good design is good business.

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